Welcome to www.osamaelfar.com the personal web site of Osama Ahmad Elfar, Osama Born in Egypt, Damanhour in 1970, in 1989 he started studying
architecture, receiving his BSc degree in 1992 from Alexandria university, Egypt. 

Osama Elfar has proven expertise in a variety of project types, including: 
Commercial and Retail
mixed use
hotels& resorts
Leisure & Recreation
Landscape & Site Planning
Planning & Urban Design
Special Facilities (Military, others)

Osama considers each project, no matter its size, worthy of large thinking. After examining how a building or plan affects and is affected by its surroundings, the resulting design is uniquely suited for what it provides and to whom it is provided. In the18 years of practice Osama Elfar has established a thoughtful, careful approach to design. A successful project is one that enhances its surroundings, fulfills needs. Osama is committed to an integration of styles and uses that creates a livable, beautiful places.

Osama Became the first Arabian Architect who design such super-tall building of AlQuds tower in Doha while working with AEB.

Osama’s work spans across many different countries including Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Switzerland, Bahrain, Sudia Arabia and Montenegro.
Seven winning competitions with international and local firms have been added to his project list including:

Abu Dhabi Breakwater 100 Luxury Villas -First Prize
Abu Dhabi Breakwater, Marina City 24 Residential Towers G+50 mixed used district -First Prize
Alsadd Development Project (4 Office Towers (B+G+M+20), 5 residential Buildings and Club house -First Prize
Sh. Eid Bin Mohd. Charity Association Headquarter Building in Doha -First Prize
Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry Headquarter, Grand Hamad St., Doha Qatar -First Prize
Aljazeera Office Building, Aljazeera Channel, Doha, Qatar -First Prize
AlQuds tower mixed use 100-storey tower, West bay, Doha, Qatar -First Prize


On this site you will find information regarding his work. As an architectural concept designer as well as a links to useful web sites for the most famous architects in the world and architectural related sites also a link to a huge digital library including architectural, management, art, coloring techniques and interior design books.

Furthermore, this site describes his expertise and provides information about his competencies which are based on his work experience and solid training. which have allowed him to develop a solid entrepreneurial vision, management capabilities, excellent ability to synthesize and solid communication skills
Several of Osama Elfar’s projects are currently under construction in the middle east:

Osama’s work spans across many different sectors but the unifying theme is that of creating places where people will want to live, work and play.

To improve people's lives - rather than focusing on design aesthetics alone
To consider, develop, and accentuate amenities
To achieve the above while considering and accounting for climatic and environmental concerns, ensuring sustainability in all aspects:

On this site you will find projects provide a full range of architectural styles Including Islamic, Modern, Contemporary, Postmodernism, Classic, Fantasy and theme architecture